About Us

Million Hopes Academy is an Educational Institute that focuses on the language English which was started in the late 2019. With efficient and committed teachers and innovative methods of training, students all over India and other countries are enrolling themselves for offline as well as online classes each day.

We are very well aware of the importance of English Language and the struggles of non-native country’s students are facing in regard of it. Our notion is not to follow the general procedure that’s so far been approached by many educational institution as a standard method. Million Hopes understands the necessity and criticism students of all ages face in their lack of English Knowledge.

Through Activity based programs Million Hopes had been recognizable institution from the very beginning till now. Special mandatory training has been asked to undertake by our trainers before they are stepped into officially training the students.

We also train individual schools, colleges and universities in English Language as an extracurricular class in improving their Spoken Language as well as developing substantive Skills in the Language. Through different kinds of programs students get to implement their ideas and come out of their comfort zone.

In general, Million Hopes maybe a start up Academy but it teaches students to tackle the language in practical day to day life where they are well-versed not only in general English but fully qualified to enhance themselves in different fields where English plays the dominant role.

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