Even before Pre-COVID19, Online Education has always been preferable for various mode of education. Now COVID19 pushed majority of the parents worldwide to seriously consider Online Education. To be honest Online Education is best suited in this crisis we are all facing right now, in other words we can prepare ourselves and our children into entering a New Age.

How does Activity Based Method works through Online?

Generally Activity Based Method involves students interacting with each other and moving around in the classroom. Though through Online classes’ students are restricted to physical movements like passing a ball or running forward to the black board, they are not constrained in interacting with other students.

We use a comfortable and effective Online platform where many students can participate in a single session at the same time. This way their interactions are safe as well as enjoyable. We have designed many progressive online games that do not concentrates only on puzzles and picture description but more in an interesting and engaging method which doesn’t push students to mind-numbing boredom which is the most feared aspect in online classes.

All the skills that comes under ABSD program is very much possible to conduct through Online Method, for instance under EQ Skill you can wonder how it’s possible for the students to learn the Ability to Work in a Team? Well it’s possible through the Online ESL Activity called the Band Game. In here the students will be divided and can have private chats only with their group members and get to compete with other Groups.