Communication Skills

Language Development

Accent Development

Active Listening

Precision and Clarity

EQ Skills (Emotional Intelligent Quotient)


Ability to work in a team

Problem-Solving Skills

Written Communication Skills

Strong work ethic

Analytical/quantitative skills

Technical skills

Verbal Communication Skills


Interpersonal skills


Adapting your communication style to your audience



Giving and receiving feedback



Understanding nonverbal cues


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Level 0 (Foundation):

intended for participants with little or no knowledge of English.

Basic* – Level 1 (Beginner) | Level 2 (Pre-Intermediate):

Intended for those with knowledge of Basic English vocabulary and grammer and/or the ability to frame simple sentences and understand English fairly well.

Advanced* – Level 3 (Intermediate) | Level 4 (Upper Intermediate)

Intended for participants who have successfully completed the Basic level course or equivalently, those who have a working understanding of the English language and moderate proficiency in the four skill areas.

Bridge Course – IELTS, TOEFL, etc (Prep Courses)

Intended for those who have successfully completed the Advanced course, and plan to take international English proficiency tests.

Without continuous personal development, you are now all that you will ever become

– Eli Cohen

Skills development is not an overnight process; it takes Time, Patience and Precision.

ABSD is a durational course.

To travel from one level to other it at least takes 25-30 weeks of time line.

Within this duration the Organization can witness Gradual Result of every level from the students.

Million hopes Academy started its journey with only handful of students but seeing the students progress it has started to spread its wings to Dream Bigger.

The charges below includes the provided Trainer’s Salary, their travel incentives, the props, materials, ect… Which is provided in class.

Charges of per Student per month are 280.